I QUIT! (January 2020)

January 23, 2016

I don’t remember the exact moment when it all became too much.  
Maybe when I realized we still weren’t close to filling the two open jobs on my team at work, and I wondered how much longer I could keep working triple time.  
Maybe when one of my close friends had a stroke, and after a three-month battle that we thought she was winning, unexpectedly departed from this world. 
Or, maybe when I found myself struggling to keep up with the commitments I made to YANA - not even having the energy to market our annual mountain retreat, plan our international getaway, organize meetups, or even send a simple email update.  
All I know is that at some point I realized that I had to make a change. And so. . . 
I QUIT trying to be the perfect sister, auntie, cousin, friend, employee, fur-mom, and yes, even YANA leader.  Instead, I committed to refilling my own cup before trying to give what I simply did not have.
I QUIT saying yes, when I needed to say no.  I quit going when I needed to be still.  I quit being there for everyone else, if it meant not being there for me. . . . And, with YANA, I QUIT trying to do it all, accepting that 2019 wouldn't be the year of external growth I'd envisioned.  Instead, accepting that it would be a year of internal growth for me - a time to put into practice all of the self-care techniques I teach but don't always follow.

And, guess what?  When I released, the universe conspired to help me in the most incredible ways.  I was offered a promotion to a role at work that is "more me."  Despite my lack of marketing, the YANA mountain retreat again sold out and was the BEST one yet.  I created space for my own personal retreat in Italy, while engaging a travel agent to plan our 2020 YANA retreat in Greece.  And, my stepping back created space for other members of our community to step forward so that YANASISTERS could continue to be a place where women can experience the power of connection again and again.

So I ask, what do you need to QUIT today?  Seriously, I'd love to hear from you.  Post your comments in our private facebook group or inbox me.


P.S. Registration for the annual Journey to Purpose and Passion is open!  Click on the retreat tab for more details and to reserve your spot before it sells out (again).  No other retreat offers coaching, yoga, an inspirational workout, meditation, life-changing introspective activities PLUS the opportunity to connect with God, yourself, and others in a whole new way.  And, for a limited time, use the code "early100" to get $100 off!

P.S.S. Registration for our Journey to the Soul (Greece) will open next week for past retreaters, then the following week to the community-at-large (if/as space remains).  Stay tuned for more information!