January 23, 2016

Several months ago I got the call I’d been waiting on.  The promotion I’d sought was mine!!!  My hard work had been recognized and I was making my way up the corporate ladder!
I called my family.  I went to dinner to celebrate.  I gave myself a mental “high five” for accomplishing what had seemed an impossible feat. . . . And then, I got scared.
“With new levels come new responsibility,” a voice inside my head whispered.   Then that same little voice (let’s call it “Gremlin” for the sake of conversation) proceeded to question all of my solid credentials and to list all of the things that could go wrong.
This wasn't the first time I'd heard that voice.  I'd heard it many times, including when I realized that yanasisters had reached close to 10,000 women.  That time, Gremlin started with something like “what qualifies you to lead a group of this magnitude?” and went on to question everything from my numerous coaching certifications to my experience as a writer (“who says publishing 3 books makes you a real writer?”)
I knew this voice well.  It was the voice of fear.  The one that tried to stop me at every turn.
The one that tried to stop me, but NEVER succeeded.
When I finally came to my senses, I reminded Gremlin that he’d been wrong before and he was wrong again.  I cited all of the things I’d done – even through the fear – that had gone well.  And, I reminded myself even more that this is my “year of yes.”
Yes to the things that scare me.  Yes to the unknown, daring paths that could lead to someplace even more magnificent.  Yes to the things that make me dig deep to rise to the occasion, and to show who I am and whose I am.
So I ask you today, what are the things in life that you’ve been scared of?  What are the new levels you’re being called to?  Who are you being called to lead?  Will you let fear stop you, or will you say YES?!!!!

(By Imani, January 2017) 


Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough