A Prayer For You (May 2017)

January 20, 2016


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This morning I said a prayer for each and every one of you. I prayed you woke up feeling refreshed, with new energy, new resolve, and new hope for this new day. I prayed your bodies are energetic, your minds are clear, and your hearts are open to receive all God has in store for you. I prayed for your households, that they would be filled with God's peace, joy, healing and abundance. But most of all I prayed for God to make clear WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NEXT. 

I prayed God would give you clarity on how you are standing in the way of your own destiny. I prayed God would show you anything in your heart that needs to be released, anything in your mind that needs to be unblocked, anything in your spirit that needs to be exorcised, to complete this assignment. I prayed God would reveal when to just be still, when and where to move, how to prepare, why you matter, and how to fulfill this assignment that is your divine calling and destiny. 

This morning I said a prayer for you. I hope you felt it. #‎aprayerforyou‬

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough


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