A Prayer For You (March 2017)

January 20, 2016


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This morning I said a prayer for each and every one of you. I prayed your first thought today was one of gratitude for being blessed with all the good things in your life as well as for the things that don’t feel as good right now but are working for your good. I prayed you took a moment to envision all the wonderful things that can happen today, meditating on the best possible outcome and believing it is already done. I prayed that those you love are well, and that those who challenge you will “play nice.” But most of all, I prayed for you to RELEASE.

I prayed for release of whatever things you’ve been holding onto that no longer serve you. I prayed for new dreams to replace those that you’ve outgrown, and new hope to replace any stagnation. I prayed for you to recognize that trying to control the outcome never works, but that releasing it to God (after you’ve done all you can do) always, always does.

This morning I said a prayer for you. I hope you felt it. 


By Imani
March 2017

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough


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