If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, Maybe They Aren't Big Enough (June 2017)

No matter how many retreats we do, there's a moment before each one when I start to question everything.

Routine questions like "Have I forgotten anything on my checklist?  Do I have everything packed that I need?"

Followed by harder questions like "What makes you think you can host a group of this magnitude?  Who do you think you are?"

The butterflies in my stomach start to feel like airplanes, and my heartbeat increases to warp speed.

"Who do you think you are?" 

The question echoes in my mind until I take a deep breath, stop, and remind myself:

I AM a woman who had a dream of using my own challenges to remind other women that they are not alone.

I AM a woman who is uniquely qualified, not because of my so-called credentials as a coach, writer, facilitator, speaker, and attorney; I am uniquely qualified because God said I AM.

I AM a vessel, which means the outcome does not rest on my actions alone; and instead relies on God working through me.

I AM not perfect; in fact, it is my so-called imperfections that caused me to be "chosen."

I AM because God said I AM.

As I repeat these words to myself - as I did once again before the retreat this past weekend - everything starts to align.  That's when my spirit calms, and I step aside to let God do His thing.  

And that, my loves, is how -- IN SPITE OF MY FEAR -- the June 2017 retreat was such an overwhelmingly AMAZING success.  That's how the Facebook group has grown to over 2400 women, and the meetups have reached 11,000 sisters in 9 cities.   Stats that still shock me and make my heart flutter, until I remind myself who I am and whose I am.

So, the question I ask of you today is, what will you say to the voices that try to tell you your dream is too big?

Who are you because God says you are?

By Imani
January 29, 2017

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough


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