A Prayer For You (January 2020)

This morning I said a prayer for each and every one of you. I prayed for your first thoughts today are those of gratitude. Gratitude for breath and life, and for another opportunity to really live each moment as the gift it is. I prayed your smile is real, that behind it there is real joy and happiness - and that, if there is not, God will show you where to find it. I prayed you to feel good about your body and that it is well, from your hair follicles to your toe nails. But most of all, I prayed YOU ARE BEING KIND TO YOURSELF.

I prayed that any negative words spoken over you in the past would not be repeated to yourself by yourself; that instead you would speak words of love and affirmation at every turn. I prayed you would give yourself as much grace as you give others, especially when you make a misstep because you are human. I prayed when you think of those who need you, you would place yourself first on the list and not feel guilty about it. And that when it's time to figure out whose side you will take, you will remember it's always ok to choose you.

This morning I said a prayer for you. I hope you felt it. #aprayerforyou

By Imani

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough


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