What is your soul seeking right now?  Is it a circle of sisters who can hold your hand, your heart and your dreams?  Is it a refueling station where you can take off the Superwoman cape to replenish spiritually and emotionally?  Or perhaps, a safe space to reclaim your purpose and passion . . . or just be?


Stay tuned, as we'll soon open registration for a retreat that has become a favorite with YANA (you are not alone) sisters old and new.  If you’re a woman who believes existing isn’t enough, the Ultimate Journey to Purpose and Passion, on June 12-14, 2020 in the beautiful North Georgia mountains is the retreat for you! 


To find out more about this incredible resort and transformational sessions, as well as details on what you can gain from a yana retreat experience, click here. 




"I never could understand when someone would say someone or something changed their life. The YANASISTERS retreat did just that for me. I am overwhelmed with how doors have started to open up, just by me redirecting my energy to always think positive and the BONUS of the entire experience is knowing that I am never alone."

"This retreat was literally life changing. I left with clarity that I have been lacking for months. I am so thankful for the experience and the women I got to meet over the weekend."

"YANA organizers orchestrate and set the stage for an amazing experience that you will never forget."

"Every woman needs to get in touch with her inner-self. Your retreat allows you to feel safe with the opportunity to explore who you are and more with other wonderful women." 


To view footage from our most recent retreat in Italy, click here.